Earth Day 2012 To Do List

In case you haven’t heard, Earth Day is this Sunday. So, in honor of Earth Day, a couple of things to consider doing this weekend:

1. Take a walk. Outside. Even if you live in the city. Nothing beats a little fresh air (even if it is chilly).

2. Dig around in some dirt, or sand…or even mud! It’s really fun. You will feel like a kid again, and you might just slow down enough to start to think about this marvelous planet!

3. Watch Planet Earth. WCLG does not support the idea of just sitting in front of the TV, but Planet Earth gives viewers an intimate portrait of our planet and a window into many places that few of us will ever be lucky enough to visit.

For a birds-eye view of Earth from space, take a look a these pictures.

For Earth Day 2012, attending a parade is cool, planting a tree is great, but building a personal relationship with the planet you call home is even better. Let us know what you do. We’re happy to post pics! Look forward to hearing from you!

Dedicated to Thrifty and Healthy Living,

We Can Live Green


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