Greening Your Valentine

Want to wow your valentine and save the planet? Try a few of these gifts. They’re sure to impress.

Valentine’s Day. For most it conjures up fond memories of romance, chocolates, sweet cards, flowers… and a bit of pressure. We’ve all felt the pressure to get a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift without breaking the bank and (for all of us eco-conscious folks out there) not hurting the planet. Fellow Valentines, have no fear. We have a few options for you to Green Your Valentine. Just make sure you order in time to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush!


No Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate. But chocolate has a not-so-romantic history which is why it is important to buy your chocolate organic and fair trade. Fair Trade ensures that your chocolates come from farms that support the human rights of their workers and Organic ensures sustainable farming practices for the environment. For the chocolate lover in your life, we highly recommend the following: Theo Chocolate. A few suggestions for every price range: (3400 Phinney Nib Brittle Dark Chocolate Bar ($3.25 each), 6 or 12 piece collection box of confections, ($12 to $24) or the Aphrodisiac Confection Collection ($40) created especially for the Valentine’s holiday.


If your special someone is fond of gifts of a more floral nature, we suggest Organic Bouquet. Organic Bouquet’s selection of flowers, plants and gift baskets is strictly devoted to organically grown, sustainable and environmentally friendly gifts. Consider giving a plant (a miniature Tuscan olive tree, $64.95) or flowers in a bulb bowl (Paperwhites in a bulb bowl $16.95), to add an extra dimension of sustainability to your gift.


If candles are what your sweetheart wants, consider Novica’s artist from Thailand Kasarin Krisanamis, whose original and thoughtful designs will please and inspire any Valentine. We particularly like Cinnamon Parade ($24.95) and Wonderful Blue Corner ($62.95). Novica specializes in gifts from artisans around the world which are brought to market in a sustainable, ethical and fairly traded fashion.

If you are still stumped for gifts for your sweetie, nothing beats time spent with your loved one and a good, old fashioned card (preferably a homemade or recycled paper card) with a few sweet sentences attached. In fact, no matter what you do, make sure that quality time with your loved one and some heart-felt appreciation is part of your celebration.

Written by Penelope – the Newbie at We Can Live Green

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